NEW: Painters Tape 180YRD Roll for Pro Painting [CLEAN LINES EVERYTIME] Masking for Paint, Wallpaper, Wood, Glass, Metal. Protect Walls, Trim or Interior Surface. Yellow Paper Tape Will Prevent Stains

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Manufacturer Description

Professional quality painter's tape

We know that our customers are always looking for a professional product at a DIY price. This is why we've developed our fantastic painter's tape. It's reasonably priced, but it won't leave you with the messy finish of an inferior product.

Each huge value roll is 60yards (60 feet) long and 3/4 inch wide. You'll get 3 in a pack so you have enough for all of your painting projects.

Our yellow painter's tape will stand out as you work and is suitable for all surfaces including painted surfaces, wallpaper, wood, glass, metal, rubber, plastic, and carpet. Our unique glue won't damage existing paint or finishes and will leave you with clean lines every time. You can use it with any application method: brush, roller, spray or stencil.

Kraftex is a small, family-run business which prides itself on great products and fantastic customer service. We use our products every day and always work to make them the best that they can be.

Our dedicated customer support team are always available to answer your questions and love to receive your feedback.

You know you need Kraftex in your toolbox, cupboard or drawer.

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Product Features

EASILY STICKS TO ALL SURFACES: Save yourself from headaches caused by inferior products. Kraftex is a high quality professional product that works without fail. Use it on painted surfaces, wallpaper, wood, glass, metal, rubber, plastic, carpet... protects surfaces from paint every time. CREATE CLEAN SHARP EDGES: No more annoying touch up jobs, just perfect CLEAN LINES every time. Our professional quality tape won't allow the paint to bleed onto your surfaces, trim or floors. Our unique glue is both strong and flexible, providing a better finish than our 'blue tape' competitors. THE PROFESSIONAL CHOICE: Have you ever wondered how the professionals get those perfect edges? They use Kraftex tape! It's suitable for all application methods: brush, roller, spray or stencil. You name it, and it will work with our tape! ENOUGH FOR ANY PROJECT: Our massive value pack is easier on your wallet. That's right 3x60yrd rolls with a ¾" width - 180yrds in total, never run short on any project. The PROFESSIONAL product at a DIY price. WON'T DESTROY YOUR SURFACES: Use on ANY SURFACE without worrying about sticky residue ruining it. Strong and forgiving, our painter's tape sticks well but doesn't rip off paint or existing finishes. We are so proud of our tape we GUARANTEE CLEAN LINES EVERY TIME. If you don't get a perfect residue free finish we'll give you your money back! So click "Add To Cart" now and buy with confidence.

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