DocaPole 6 - 24 foot Extension Pole – Multi-Purpose Telescopic Pole for Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Hanging Christmas Lights – Bulb Changer and Paint Roller Telescoping Pole

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Manufacturer Description

The 24 foot DocaPole is the only extension pole you'll ever need - long enough to perform all your hard to reach tasks and collapsible enough to safely use and store indoors. The DocaPole is a one-of-a-kind, heavy duty extension pole, optimally designed for professional and DIY applications.

The DocaPole was designed and tested against competitor poles for optimal strength, ease of use and storage, durability, and pole tension at full extension. Additionally, the pole boasts features not available on other poles, including the multi-angle tip, thumb lever clasps, clasp screw adjustments, and rubber handle grips to ensure superior performance and comfort. The DocaPole will not disappoint!

DocaPole applications are limited only by the imagination. We continue to be amazed by the variety of ways our customers use the DocaPole. With the right attachments and supplies, anything is possible.

Here are a few customer examples of the many unique uses of the DocaPole: window washing, paint brush or paint roller extender, gutter cleaner, rock climbing stick clip, Ham Radio antennae, deer stand retrieval pole, boat hook, roof cleaner, retrieving pole for removing branches, toys, and drones from trees or roofs; dusting on top of high ceiling fans, bookcases, and high window sills in entry ways; hanging Christmas lights; changing flood lights, recessed lights, and high ceiling light bulbs; camera and GoPro extension pole for high flying and 360 degree photography and video for concerts, sporting events, real estate, roof inspections, and....the list goes on! (For cameras, we recommend purchasing one of the painters pole camera adapters sold by ClickSnap.)

The DocaPole is a proven and tested utility extension pole. We continue to be convinced, based on customer feedback, that the DocaPole provides the best customer value of any pole on the market. And we think you'll be convinced too.

Product Features

THE ONLY EXTENSION POLE YOU'LL EVER NEED - extending all the way to 24 feet from only 6.25 feet, this retractable extension pole performs all the hard to reach tasks typically requiring poles of two lengths; from high ceilings, walls, fans and recessed lighting indoors to gutters, tall trees, roofs and windows outdoors EASY UPRIGHT EXTENSION AND USE - the DocaPole is easily extended straight up due to its short 6.25 foot retracted length, facilitating easy and safe extension indoors and in other tight places. Other long telescopic poles only retract to 8 feet and require extra room for horizontal extension before being turned upright COMPACT STORAGE AND TRANSPORT - short retracted pole length facilitates easy storage in the closet or hanging on a shop wall, and enables the pole to comfortably fit into a car trunk or truck bed for easy transportation. The retracted length also makes for safer carrying of the pole indoors. MULTI-ANGLE TIP AND THUMB CLASPS - multi-angle tip provides over 180 degrees of rotation to find the best pole angle for cleaning gutters, dusting ceiling fans, painting and performing other unique tasks; the thumb lever clasps enable quick and easy pole extension and retraction, while the clasp screws enable clasp tension adjustment to promote optimal performance over the lifetime of the pole USE WITH ANY SCREW-ON ATTACHMENT - the pole's universal, reinforced nylon screw tip improves durability and works with nearly all pole attachments, including paint rollers, squeegees, dusters, cleaning brushes, retrieval hooks, fruit pickers, gutter cleaners, roof cleaners, camera adapters, light bulb changers, pool skimmers, and more (ATTACHMENTS NOT INCLUDED)

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